Watercolor Plum & Earth Flowers Embellished Canvas Art Print hanging on a turquoise patio wall above a wood love seat and plants.

5 New Decor Accents To Get Your Home Summer Ready

The months are just flying by! You've only just started your spring cleaning, and like every year, the summer sneaks up on you like a cat in a horror movie. But this time, you've made up your mind that a looming calendar will not get the better of you! No one, not even time, will stop you from creating a happy hour gathering, barbecue eating by the pool with the latest uplifting summer decor trends ready home by Memorial Day! 

After performing your spring cleaning yearly ritual and keeping your lifestyle in mind, it's time to decide which rooms would benefit from incorporating decorative summer-themed additions to your current indoor and outdoor home stylings. We're romanticizing with our following friendly suggestions that you will host a grand open house party scene with people living their best summertime lives. 

Living Room/Dining Room Wall Art

Native Spelt Wheat Framed Canvas Wall Art Print hanging on a green living room wall above a white couch

Native Spelt Wheat Framed Canvas Art Print

Decorating a gathering spot like the living room or dining room for summer soirees is all about pairing pieces that cultivate a down-to-earth, charming scene. Leverage a fresh canvas print with summer notes by making it a room's main attraction. 

The embellished iridescent shell of a pacific oyster evokes light and airy feelings compared to displaying artwork from December graced with a heavy winter composition. The two best places to give your summer print the most exposure are on a wall behind the living room couch or above a cabinet of drawers in the dining room. 

Before hosting a tasty dinner party, take the gang on a home tour to the downstairs bar for light snacks and cocktails.   

Home Bar with LED Marquee Lights

Licensed Modelo Framed Flashing LED Marquee Wall Sign hanging on a home bar wall.

Licensed Modelo Framed Flashing LED Marquee Sign 

Going to a local watering hole isn't always that exciting. It can be expensive and smell like rotting wood and stale cigarette smoke from 1995. The crowd? Not always so entertaining. Why not bring the happiest of happy hours to your remodeled home bar? 

Open the glass sliding door to let in warm breezes, fire up the turntable with some tunes, and ensure you have your friend's drink recipes on hand. Simulate bar-like mood lighting with LED marquee wall signs featuring popular beverage names, logos, the king of rock, or an automobile brand. 

What to do about the kids? Happy hour isn't under 21 age-appropriate, but you can set up your teen's bedroom as an inviting hang out space with an open-door policy : )   

Surfboard Plaque Signs in the Teen's Bedroom 

American Flag Wood Surfboard Plaque Wall Sign hanging on a wall in a bedroom above a bed with a blue pillow and blanket.

American Flag Wood Surfboard Plaque Sign

The kids are off for the summer from school. Besides a few sporting activities and the always chaotic family vacation, your high-energy teens will probably be home more often. You've agreed that your home and their bedrooms can be a safe haven for keeping them out of trouble, especially on weekend evenings.

Decorating their space with pieces for summer, like a vintage-style surfboard plaque that leans or hangs on a wall, is a fun bond-building exercise for you and helps spark creativity. 

Sunroom with Table Top Decor 

Turquoise Metal Flower Sculpture sitting on a wood table near a window.

Turquoise Metal Flower Sculpture

Not all days are bright and sunny. Summertime brings humidity and booming illuminating rainstorms. On rainy days like this, it's time to stay indoors, make a nice lunch, and watch movies in the sunroom, so the day doesn't feel so wasted and gloomy. 

Decorate this space with bright seasonal objects. Adding coastal wall art, seashells, and floral table top sculptures  gives the room effortless vacation vibes. However, when the clouds and rain clear, it's time to head back outside to soak in the sun. 

Outdoor Canvas Art in the Garden

Surf Mini Bus Outdoor Canvas Art Print hanging on a white wall with white chairs on a wood platform.

Surf Mini Bus Outdoor Canvas Art Print

The warm season is all about immersing yourself in nature's beauty. Why stay indoors when you can inhale glorious flowering scents while flipping through a gripping book in the garden, then go for a refreshing swim followed by a meal of grilled burgers with corn on the cobb?

Limiting the type of decor you place on your front porch or backyard alcove because of weather concerns is understandable. The sun, wind, and rain can fade and ruin most printed canvas artwork. Instead of denying your space artistic enhancements, outdoor canvas art decor gets specially treated to withstand the rain and sun and can hang on an outside wall without succumbing to the elements.

We hope your summer is filled with adventure, love, and unique decor. Find all your summer styling solutions at American Art Decor.




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