5 Must-Have Nature-Inspired Home Decor Accents

5 Must-Have Nature-Inspired Home Decor Accents

Earlier this year, we talked about how big, bold prints are a popular 2018 interior design trend. Of all the styles of prints from which you can choose, those inspired by nature are among the most desired by professional decorators and farmhouse fashionistas alike.

In fact, you’ve probably seen decorative accents with palm leaves, foliage, and other various plantlife everywhere! People especially love to decorate with colorful leaf accents during the warmer spring and summer months to help bring a little nature-inspired sunshine inside their homes. In fact, tropical themed decor has turned out to be one of the most prominent home trends of the year.

If you’re looking to update your home’s interior with some lush and leafy accessories, look no further! Below, we’ve selected our five favorite nature-inspired home decor accents of the year.

1. Tropical Palm Leaf Print on Wood

Boho Branches with Gold on Canvas 

We’re not kidding when we say tropical and palm leaf prints are back in a big way this year. They’re everywhere. You can find them on wallpaper, accent rugs – even on sundresses and men’s ties. This is one trend you need to get on, stat!

Need an easy way to incorporate this print into your home’s decor? The tropical palm leaf print above is adorned on carved wood and comes complete with shimmery gold flecks throughout. It’s amazing how hanging one great print on just the right wall can truly transform a room. You can check out another square version of this print here.

2. Hanging Leaf Wall Tapestry

Leaf Tapestry Wall Art Scroll 

Another big trend this year? Hanging wall tapestries. A definite throwback to the funky 70’s of yore, wall tapestries have enjoyed quite a resurgence. While many offer coverage that encompasses the entirety of the wall, some are much smaller and are instead meant as a smaller accent.

The leaf wall tapestry above features a tropical leaf print with an antiqued appearance and would look lovely anywhere. You can check out some other hanging leaf wall tapestries here.

3. Framed Floral Print on Wood

Leaves Print on Wood Framed 

Not all trendy nature-inspired decor is leaf-exclusive. Many also feature bright and bloomy florals, especially to help infuse color into a room. Rustic floral prints like the one pictured above go quite well in French country, shabby chic, and farmhouse style homes. Adding some florals to homes with these decorative themes is helpful for adding some dimension, as they tend to feature neutral color palettes.

4. Rustic Leaf Table Decor

Rustic Leaf Table Top Decor 

Not all leaf decor is meant for the wall! Other ways you can add some natural flair to your interior is through the use of home accessories like the rustic leaf decorative piece above. This leaf is great to add to a tabletop vignette, as a shelving accent, or as a lone centerpiece.

For some tips on how to style tabletop vignettes, you can check out our guide here.

5. Silver Tree Branch Wall Art

Metal Rusted Tree Branch Wall Art 

Last but certainly not least, we love wall art that goes beyond canvas or wood prints by bringing the art to life in a more dimensional way. The tree branch wall art pictured above is a great way to add some nature-inspired texture to any wall. This particular piece has more of a rustic feel and would make a great gift for a green-thumbed gardening enthusiast.

What’s your favorite way to infuse nature into your home? We’d love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below!

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