5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Anyone Special In Your Life

5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Anyone Special In Your Life

If you’re like us, you spend Valentine’s Day making sure everyone you care about feels loved – not just your significant other! Groups of girlfriends come together for a “Galentine’s” Day brunch, mothers and daughters often exchange a little something, and even Fido gets showered with special toys and treats.

There are lots of small gestures you can use to express your love and gratitude toward the special people in your life. Of course, there are always greeting cards, desserts, stuffed animals, and flowers. But this year, why not give them something they’ll love to keep around for years to come?

That’s where we come in – especially if your intended recipient is a fan of trendy farmhouse decor! Here are five of our favorite items that’ll serve as perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone you care about:

Gold Mirror Ampersand

The ampersand is a great symbol for reminding someone how much you love spending time with them! It’s also been quite popular in farmhouse decor in recent years. This item is particularly well-suited for the Valentine’s Day occasion thanks to its elegant typeface and the feminine, soft-gold color. The inset mirrors help to add a bit more sparkle, too.

Hang it on the wall or place it on an accent shelf – no matter where it’s placed, it’ll surely be appreciated by your loved one each and every time they pass by it.


Magnetic Tic Tac Toe Wall-Mounted Bulletin Board

Nothing says “hugs and kisses” like X’s and O’s! This magnetic board is both a decorative and fun way to give someone a Valentine’s Day gift that steers clear of cliches.

This is another item that would go well in a home decorated in the farmhouse style tradition due to the combination of galvanized metal and wooden accents. It’s also versatile, as it can be placed anywhere from the kitchen to the playroom.

Vintage 4 Bottle Farmhouse Wine Rack

Do you happen to love a wine-lover? If so, a practical gift like this wine bottle rack would be appreciated and useful!

With its whitewashed wood detail and gold accents, this wine rack is just the right balance of rustic and chic. Plus, you can hand it to your recipient with the wine already stocked in the rack. Now, how’s that for a unique gift?

Metal Tree Clips Photo Holder

Perhaps you’ve got someone on your Valentine’s gift-giving list who’s a bit more on the sentimental side? Don’t be tempted to settle for empty greeting cards from the drug store. Instead, give them something that’ll hold all their special memories near and dear.

Mothers and grandmothers will likely love this photo holder to display pictures of their children and grandchildren! This item can also be used to keep track of notes, reminders, or other keepsakes. Plus, it’s free-standing!

Rustic Wood and Metal Candle Holder Lantern

If you’re planning a nice dinner at home for a special someone, you’ll definitely want to be sure the table is set to impress. This candle holder would serve as an amazing centerpiece on a dining room table or as a romantic accent near the fireplace.

The best thing about a rustic-chic lantern like this is that it will serve you well long after the Valentine’s holiday has come and gone. It’s the perfect addition to any home, whether it’s decorated in the farmhouse style or not!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are countless ways to show someone you love how much they mean to you. How do you like to spend February 14th? Do you only give gifts to a significant other, or do you acknowledge other people in your life, too?

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