5 Home Essentials for Farmhouse Foodies

5 Home Essentials for Farmhouse Foodies

If you love a good prosciutto-wrapped grilled brie as much as you love shiplap walls and vintage signs, congratulations: you’re a farmhouse foodie! As such, you’ll need plenty of home accessories that will help show off your rustic style and be useful culinary tools for your home cooking adventures.

All home chefs know that it’s always helpful to have plenty of storage and maybe a chalkboard sign (or two!) hanging around to maximize space and help with organization. And, hey, it never hurts to have some pretty food-focused decor in the kitchen just for the heck of it, too.

Below are some of our favorite farmhouse items for foodies, home chefs, and culinary fanatics.

Rustic Tool Box Storage Basket

As mentioned above, most home chefs have lots of culinary tools and supplies they need in order to pull off their incredible dishes. But those tools need a place to call their own. That’s where storage baskets come in.

Of course, most farmhouse storage baskets are fairly typical – they usually look like vintage crates or wicker carrying baskets. That’s why we adore this unique rustic storage basket that looks just like an old school tool box! It’s great for storing spices, utensils, and is even a great item to utilize for dinner parties (set it on the table to hold napkins, condiments, etc). 

Rolling Barn Door Bar Cart

barn cart for kitchen

One of the trendiest items for kitchens of all styles is the bar cart. Because its uses are so varied, they are now commonly utilized in homes and especially in kitchen areas. You can use them for their most obvious purpose (for storing liquor, obviously) but you can also use them as added pantry storage and as a cart to house ingredients while you cook and move about the kitchen. Here are some ideas on how to use a bar cart as a mobile kitchen pantry.

We love this rolling barn door bar cart because it’s modern and rustic. With its clean lines, neutrally-toned wood, and dark metal detail, it really can blend well with most decor style, from farmhouse to industrial to contemporary and beyond.

Three Tier Hanging Wire Storage Baskets

Creating extra kitchen space in creative ways is a must, especially if you happen to have a kitchen that’s a little on the smaller side. Of course, bar carts are one way of doing this, but hanging storage options are an alternative choice. Wire baskets are a common farmhouse staple, and you can even spot them on light fixtures.

This three tier hanging wire storage basket set is great for adding storage space to a kitchen and it also is great for helping keep things organized. This item is a good way to get that bowl of fruit up off the counter, freeing up valuable counter space. You can also store spices, dish towels, or really anything else you like to keep close and within arm’s reach. 

Wood & Chalkboard Wall Organizer

herb organizer

Wood Wall Organizer with 3 Storage Bins and Chalkboard

Not a big fan of wire baskets? If you prefer for your hanging storage to be a little less transparent, this wood wall organizer is another great option. This item is especially versatile because of its deep, sturdy bins.

For example, you can use it to easily store culinary tools, dish towels, cleaning supplies, or fruit. One of the most unique ways we’ve found this organizer utilized is as a hanging indoor garden. The bins’ chalkboard surfaces allow for easily labeling and add an extra bit of rustic flair. Take a Look here to see other ways this wall organizer can be used

Barn Door Chalkboard & Organizer

barn door chalkboard

Now, this item may not be a culinary essential, but it sure is helpful to have around and it’s adorable to boot. Chalkboards are one of the handiest organizational items you can have in your home. They may not add storage space, but they can definitely help keep your life orderly and in-line. As a kitchen tool, chalkboards are excellent for keeping track of grocery lists, and they’re even better for keeping your recipe up and in front of you at all times.

If you’re not up for writing an entire recipe in chalk, the best thing about this particular organizer is that it has magnetic surfaces. So print out what you need and use a magnet to keep it up in front of you so you aren’t constantly having to look down to refer to your tablet, recipe book, or paper. Worried about leaving messy handwriting up in your nice and tidy kitchen? This chalkboard allows you to simply close the doors to hide it away. 

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