The Art of Entryway Decor: 5 Essentials for a Perfect Foyer

The Art of Entryway Decor: 5 Essentials for a Perfect Foyer

They say first impressions are lasting impressions, and the same goes for your home. When guests, family, or your (not-at-all dreaded) mother-in-law arrive at your abode, you’d like for them to have a pleasant experience when they walk through the threshold, right?

For most of us, that first impression will be made when they walk into the foyer. Your home’s entryway is, in many ways, the “face” of your interior. Styling a great entryway requires you to take one major thing into consideration: what, exactly, do I need to actually put in the entryway?

While many consider entryway decorating to be a “high-stakes” situation, we believe when it comes to styling a home, there’s no such thing as high stakes – only fun! So, without further hesitation, we present to you five of our favorite home decor items for styling a perfect entryway.

1. An Entryway Mirror

If there’s one thing we love in an entryway, it’s a big, gorgeous wall mirror. Not only will a great piece like the cathedral arched mirror above help make your foyer appear larger, it will help make a grand statement as soon as someone steps through the doorway.

Not sure about the best way to hang wall mirrors? Be sure to read our advice for hanging decor on walls, and then check out our quick guide about the best and worst places to hang mirrors in your home.

2. An Entryway Runner Area Rug

There’s nothing like a great floor runner to help your guests feel like you rolled out the red carpet in preparation for their arrival! Runner area rugs like the washable (yes, washable!) floral rug above not only make for beautiful decorative elements, they’re also practical for a variety of reasons.

Read more about why we think you need area rugs in your home.

3. A Great Piece of Entryway Furniture

In your entryway, it will be wise for you to incorporate some sort of furniture to help the area feel anchored and “complete.” This could be anything from an old church pew bench, a rustic console table, or industrial farmhouse shelving, like the piece pictured above.

If you do opt to go with a table or shelving, however, you should be sure to style those pieces with some great home accessories. Check out some of our great pointers for styling tabletop decor, as well as our favorite tips for styling shelves.

4. An Entryway Wall Coat Rack

Aside from just being plain adorable, entryway wall coat racks are convenient and practical pieces to have in your foyer (and in your mudroom, too)! Including a piece like this in your entryway offers guests a place to hang coats, purses, and even keys. Extra points for a coat rack/mirror combo, like the window shutter mirror above.

5. An Entryway Shelf

Including some great shelving like this scalloped wood shelf in your entryway is a fun way to create a little more room to express your style. Hang some shelves on either side of a centered wall hanging and then add your favorite framed family photos, home decor accessories, or even a simple scented candle. Using smaller decorative items along with your larger pieces will help fill the room with style and personality.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your entryway? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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