Home by beach with a pool and couch with colorful pillows and wall decor.

5 Decor Tips That Will Elevate Your Airbnb Property

Vacation rentals and Airbnb markets have swelled with demand from travelers who want an "experience" that piques their interests. Gone are the days of staying in one size fits all hotel rooms with the same decor and furnishings.

If you own or plan to purchase an investment property to list as a destination rental, read on for five valuable Airbnb decorating ideas to make your space stand out among the competition and won't empty the bank.

Bright Splashes of Color
Pink Door, Chic Beach Cottage with HUGE Sandy Beach, Oceanside, CAPink Door, Chic Beach Cottage with HUGE Sandy Beach, Oceanside, CA. Airbnb

Inviting pops of colors are a great way to draw renters in unless your objective is to draw a niche group of people who want to spend their vacation in a dark, dreary dwelling from the middle ages.

You want visitors to have a memorable and positive experience. You can quickly transform a room painted in all white or neutral shades by incorporating colorful area rugs, vinyl mats, and wall decor or signs.

Colors can influence how we feel mentally and physically. A room decorated in blue tones can reduce anxiety by quieting a stressed body and brain. Green, a color associated most with nature, encourages harmony. Pink permeates a room with balance and soothes unwanted negative energy.

Dreamy Treehouse Above Park City, Utah

Dreamy Treehouse Above Park City, Utah. Airbnb

We know people travel hundreds of miles to stay in over-the-top boutique hotels with themes from the menacingly haunted to sleeping on a block of ice. While super cool, is it realistic to maintain a frozen cabin in Southern California? If you're up for it, don't let us stop you!

When choosing a theme for your beach house, a cabin in the mountains, or an urban loft, you want consistency in every room and the decor to match the general theme.

If you've built a stunning treehouse in the woods complete with a whole tree and branches, your guests are going to expect to see visuals like hardwood floors, rustic wood walls, lush plants, and perhaps deer antlers on the wall.

Know Your Guest
Escape the Ordinary, Experience the Extraordinary Solvang, CA

Escape the Ordinary, Experience the Extraordinary Solvang, CA. Airbnb

There are beach people, mountain people, wilderness people, and those of us who love the snow. The beach person is not going to the mountains expecting to see the ocean, eat lobster, and surf. Use your unique location to your advantage.

Play up your home's assets. Is it a Victorian home in a small town with various vintage shops? Then decorate the space with antique rugs, dolls, and window treatments. Focus your decor on the surrounding landscape and popular attractions in the region. Give your guests what they want to see.

Well Lit
Sunny & Spacious Manhattan Loft New York, NY
Sunny & Spacious Manhattan Loft New York, NY. Airbnb

Have you ever walked into a home with dim lighting and lots of unfortunate corners at perfect knee height? A customer should walk into your well-lit space and feel comfortable, not fearful.

Natural lighting is, of course, optimal, but with all of the fantastic options available, a lack of windows or being nestled deep in the woods is not an obstacle to having optimal lighting. Track lighting bolstered by carefully placed table lamps and pendant lamps will work wonders. Try a few things out with the shadows and angles of your space before settling.

Shelving & Storage
Modern Farm House Retreat Near The Lake Oceanside, CA
Modern Farmhouse Retreat Near The Lake, Oceanside, CA

Most people who stay in private rentals do so for the special touches and extra amenities. It's more like a home away from home than staying in one room. Even a small space can offer so much more.

With a combination of installed cabinetry rolling bar carts, floating shelves and open storage compartments for ease of finding cookware, utensils, or tools, your tiny space can give your renters what they need in an organized fashion. Be sure to remove appliances that no longer work and other broken items to avoid seeming untidy.

Having your own Airbnb rental may seem like a big undertaking. But with planning, research, and the right decor, you'll be ready to welcome loads of domestic and international travelers alike.
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