5 Canvas Print that will Transform Your Natural Space

5 Canvas Print that will Transform Your Natural Space

We've been spending a lot of time outdoors and will continue our newfound love affair with nature well into the fall season. Whether we're gardening, raking up leaves, or just enjoying some fresh air, we decided to focus on giving our backyard a little decor makeover to refresh and update our surroundings. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it also helps keep us from feeling overly "cooped up." 

Outdoor art is a versatile home decor staple that many people tend to overlook. The right piece of canvas wall decor instantly adds interest to an empty or dull space and can be used to achieve a variety of effects. 

If your space lacks color, a canvas print is a great way to make an impactful statement or build a mood. A weatherproof canvas art print can instantly add texture, dimension, and personality. 

Outdoor canvas art is just like indoor canvas art with one simple difference. Outdoor art prints can withstand the elements while changing the vibe of any patio, garden, deck, and backyard. A special sun-resistant finish is added to the canvas to keep the colors vibrant no matter the weather and a sturdy plastic frame means that moisture will not be an issue!

Take an Imaginary Trip through the Streets of Europe with Town Street View

Town Street View
Town Street View

A few of us have set our eyes on traveling abroad to exotic destinations. We may have to wait a while longer for the proper time, but until then, let's try to bring the world to us.  

The deep green from wild ivy creeping up an old neutral-toned concrete building while you peer down a narrow street in the middle of some European village. Find an ornate iron table, pull up a chair, relax with a few scoops of gelato or a bowl of pasta and imagine yourself walking down that narrow street without ever leaving your backyard. 

Capture the Beauty of a Scenic Lake from A pier

Scenic Lake Pier

Scenic Lake Pier 

A brisk fall storm with heavy dark clouds slowly rolling across the tranquil waters of a mountain lake makes the perfect backdrop for us while we welcome leaves changing color and cool breezes overpowering warm ones. 

This Scenic Lake Pier outdoor art piece fulfills our yearning to drive up windy roads to a tiny cabin nestled in the woods, throw on our heavy Scottish wool pullover and spend an afternoon pondering the wonders of nature. 

We're content staying home, cozy by our fire pit with our thoughts as we gaze at this outdoor canvas picture, weatherproof for years of future viewing. 

Add Contrast with Modern Abstract Art

 Modern Abstract

Modern Abstract

We love the great outdoors as much as anybody, but sometimes too much green or too many florals is a little over the top.

Let's go in a different direction with funky abstract art that compliments our current outdoor decor color scheme. Not only are these outdoor canvas prints easy to style, but they also make any setting feel chic.

This outdoor canvas art draws on the warm terracotta and wood within the space, neutral tones from the linens and hammocks, and a hint of green from the house itself. 

This print compliments your space, instantly drawing the eye instinctively towards it while blending in just enough so that it doesn't look out of place among the rest of your summer decor.

Add a Touch of Natural Beauty with this Abstract Floral
Abstract Floral

Abstract Floral

Some of us are just blessed with an impeccable outdoor space that we don’t need to do much with.

If that’s you, fair enough! But, if you’re craving a bit of a change, outdoor canvas art is the perfect way to do it. 

Not only are canvases easy to install, but they’re also easy to switch out! This makes swapping them out and redecorating super easy, giving you total design freedom. 

This garden area was already teeming with lots of dense plant cover like shrubs, bushes, vines, and trees. With all that green around, it feels a bit empty without a flower or two...so we remedied that with an abstract floral and a few wall sculptures. 

We made some room to construct a wall, to act as both a divider from the garden and the lounging area, and to provide the perfect place to display our new outdoor canvas decor. Once the wall was built, it was simply a matter of hanging up our new decor, and stepping back to admire our handiwork. 

Create a Clean Minimalist Vibe with an Artistic Twist

Batik Geometric Pattern
Batik Geometric Pattern

Putting together and maintaining an outdoor space with lots of greenery and furniture takes a considerable amount of work, and not all of us can set aside that amount of time.  

For those who have hectic lives but desire a tranquil minimalist outdoor nook for reading or relaxing, you only really need a few elements. A comfortable chair or bench placed on concrete or stone paving, a table for a drink, and a calming piece of decor that will bring serenity year-round.  

Our Batik Geometric diamond pattern outdoor canvas print in neutral and black tones infuses an understated artistic ambiance. Add a plant or two to complete your minimalist outdoor sanctuary. 

These are just some of the ways that our team at American Art Decor has been enjoying our weatherproof outdoor wall art at home year-round. We'd love to hear how you plan to style your very own outdoor canvas print! We're always searching for new inspiration!  Till next time!

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