Is your man cave ready for game-day?

4 tips on how to host an epic Game Day party!

Game Day is less than two weeks away and the game is set: The San Francisco 49ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs are set to battle it out on Sunday, February 2, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Kick-off is 6:30 PM EST!

The only thing we want to know is, Are you ready to play host?

Before you finalize your guest list, fill up your chip bowls, and stock your refrigerator with your favorite beers and spirits, you’ll want to make sure your man cave, game room, basement, or living room is game-day ready; because let’s face, you want to your company to feel like they’re at home while enjoying the game, the commercials, the half-time show, and, of course, the Puppy Bowl!

There are only a few key components to hosting a great party.

You may disagree, and that is absolutely your right, but we are a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. theory.

No, no, not KISS the rock band, but the notion to Keep It Simple, Silly!

This idea can apply in all aspects of life but today we’re going to take you through this concept as it applies to hosting a party.

So let’s get to it!


After you’ve figured out your guest list and have a headcount, go ahead and add a few plus-ones or twos to that list because we both know there will always be a few more hands in the chip bowl. 

This is such a simple and easy way to guarantee attendance. It’s not a hard concept to understand. Most people will always gravitate towards free food and drink. Always.

Throw in booze and you’ll quickly find a small gathering turning into a mini-rager.

We won’t spend too much time on this here because next week we have a special treat for you. Stay tuned for a Game Day Snacks recipe blog to feed you and your team on game-day! 😃

One thing we would like to mention is the drank! 

Get a heads-up on your guests’ favorite beers and stock the refrigerator with an assortment of beers that cater to them! It’s a simple token of friendship and a lovely gesture. Plus, you can almost count on a fist-or-chest-bump from your #1 homie. Of course, we also suggest inviting guests to BYOB, but it doesn’t hurt to have some cold ones ready to go!

beer bottle cap catcher

If beer isn’t someone’s forte and they’re more of a wine-o, make sure to keep the whites and roses chilled and the reds at room temperature. 

The joy of drinking wine is sipping it slowly, taking in its flavors and savoring its nuances and subtleties. The downside is, of course, repeatedly having to fill your glass up. A great solution for this is our wooden wine caddy! This nifty piece is perfect for keeping your bottles close at hand for you and your guests.

If liquor is your poison or that of your guests, go ahead and hide your breakables and bust out the paper cups and plates. Just kidding! 😉

But for real, a good rule of thumb is to only put out a few bottles of spirits. That way your guests won’t be raiding your liquor cabinet and emptying out those rare liquors you were saving for a special occasion (unless this is that occasion).

Plus, liquor tends to get people extra rowdy...but again, if that’s the party you’re throwing, then by all means, party on Wayne! 


Lighting is such a key component in most aspects of home decor but particularly important when it comes to hosting a party or gathering. It dictates the ambiance and mood of a room, whether or not you’re aware of it.

For us, we’re not huge fans of overhead lighting as it tends to overpower the room and is often too bright, too white, and too intense for a lot of people. Plus, it gives you fewer options as it pertains to the type of gathering or event you’re hosting. 

For next Sunday though, it’s game-day! The entire day is built around a sporting game! It’s a day full of food and drinks with family and friends, so why not create a space that evokes that same sentiment with lighting to match.

The Game is a major sporting event obviously...and where would you be watching this if you weren’t hosting? Yep, you guessed it...a sports bar!

Sports bars are a cacophony for the eyes with multiple giant television screens, neon signs, and tons of beer and sports memorabilia covering their walls. It’s a kaleidoscope of sports imagery both present and past!  

For your Football party, why not mimic some of these treatments and apply them to your man cave, game room, basement, living room or wherever you may be hosting this year’s snack-a-thon!

Man caves are often made to recreate the feeling of a sports bar but within the comfort of your own home. A common feature of sports bars is neon signs, LED lighting, and marquee lighting. You’ll frequently see wall signs flashing messages such as “Open 24/7” or “Happy Hour” hanging around bars, so why not duplicate the look and feel of sports bars and garages within your home.


Next to lighting, and almost just as important, is the decor.

Since these two components often blend together, we wanted to distinguish them a bit here. 

For decking out your man cave wall decor, the same principle we mentioned above applies. You want to mimic your favorite sports bar or pub with wall decor that is fun, playful and silly. Or, it just contains things that straight men like: vintage cars, old-timey Americana culture, road trips, poker, auto shops, beer, liquor, and women. 


Lastly, is entertainment.

Whether that’s music, movies, video games or a sporting event, you want to ENTERTAIN your guests with some sort of activity. Even if it’s the age-old activity of conversation.

Lucky for you, the Game has you covered this time around, but what will you do next time you have people over?

Next week: Stay tuned next week for our Game Day Snacks blog on fun and easy recipes to stuff your face with! In the meantime, get your space ready for the Big Game next Sunday!

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See you next week!

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