4 Simple Farmhouse Tabletop Decorating Guidelines

4 Simple Farmhouse Tabletop Decorating Guidelines

Picture this: you walk into your favorite store and spot several tabletop decor items that you just have to have. You grab your items, purchase them, and then take them home. But once you get there, you’re not entirely sure what, exactly, you should do with these pieces. You begin to attempt to arrange some sort of vignette, but it just isn’t looking right.

How do I arrange them?

Which table should I put them on?

Where the heck is Joanna Gaines when you need her?!

Farmhouse Tabletop Decor: it’s one of those things that seems simple enough, but doing it well can sometimes be easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There really isn’t much to it, but there are a few simple principles that’ll help make it a much more painless process.

Without further adieu…

Select Tabletop Decor that You Actually Love

In other words, don’t make a complete impulse purchase. We know that unexpected finds can be a fun surprise, and those exciting moments are one of the best things about the experience of furnishing your home! But once you spot a piece you like, you should really take a good look at it to ensure it’s something that goes along well with the aesthetic you’ve already established in your home.

For example, the candle holder above would look great in many styles of decor, but especially in a modern farmhouse style home or homes comprised of other contemporary interior styles. This idea leads us to our next point…

Your Tabletop Decor Should Support the Room’s Design

At risk of sounding redundant, any tabletop decor within a space should be there to reinforce the room’s intended interior design and style. Your tabletop decor should not, however, overwhelm a space or appear to be completely out of place. There are always exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, this is an important distinction to make.

For example, in the photo above, the [oak leaf statuette] is supporting the room’s other interior details by highlighting the bright, nature-inspired look and feel of the space. It’s safe to say that this particular item may look out of place in a room that’s highly industrial and decorated in a black and white color palette.

Apply the Design Principles of Scale and Repetition

In interior design, scale refers to the size of an object and the way the object relates to others next to it. Repetition is, quite simply, the repeated use of a particular design element. While these principles can be executed in a number of ways, when it comes to tabletop decor, you should execute these principles through the use of the items you select for your coffee table, dining room table, console, or buffet.

Above, scale is executed through the placement of identical objects of varying sizes next to one another. Meanwhile, repetition is simultaneously executed by simply placing the identical objects together on the table.

With that said, you don’t have to use both of these principles together at the same time. It’s important to take into account the items you have on hand first – then you should decide how to make them work together effectively.

Experiment and Update Often

Tabletop decor (like any other type of decor) is meant to be updated, moved around the house, experimented with, and once it becomes passé, thrown out. You’d be surprised how many seasons, holidays, and even years most farmhouse decor can remain in style, so long as you select your pieces carefully and place them around the house strategically.

How often do you update your tabletop decor?

On the Hunt for Farmhouse Tabletop Decor?

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