4 Reasons You Need a Chalkboard in Your Home

4 Reasons You Need a Chalkboard in Your Home

Chalkboards have become quite the decorative staple in home decor, and they’re not just for farmhouse style homes, either! From French country to shabby chic and beyond, it seems everyone has at least one chalkboard somewhere in their home.

Home chalkboards, of course, come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Those who lean toward an industrial feel in their interiors will likely prefer a chalkboard with a galvanized metal frame, while those leaning toward traditional farmhouse decor will probably prefer something with rustic or whitewashed wood.

But, no matter your personal style and taste, chalkboards are simply a must-have. Between busy family schedules, trying to get dinner on the table, or just trying to keep your home neat and organized, chalkboards seriously come in clutch when the going gets tough.

Here’s why:

Chalkboards are Great for Reminders

Pictured: Chalkboard Wood & Wire Wall Organizer

Chalkboard Wire Framed Wall Organizer

One of the most obvious uses for chalkboards is using them as a tool for reminders. If you’re a parent, busy professional, or simply doing your best to keep your household running smoothly (or all of the above!), using a chalkboard is great for things like:

  • To-do lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Grocery lists
  • Family schedules (ballet recital, anyone?)
  • Sweet messages to loved ones (there’s nothing like simple “I Love You”)

The reason writing your lists on a chalkboard is better than jotting them down on paper or in your cell phone notes? First of all, you can easily lose the list if it’s on paper, and a lost list is a useless list. Secondly, while it’s helpful to put, say, your grocery list in your phone’s notes while you’re actually doing the shopping in-store, it’s a good idea to first keep track of the list on a chalkboard in your kitchen where it’s up in front you as a constant reminder (instead of buried away in your phone’s apps).

Chalkboards Can Keep You Organized

Pictured: Wooden Teal Chalkboard Wall Organizer

Teal Wall Organizer with Storage

In addition to keeping all your lists in one visible place, chalkboards can keep you organized in other ways, too. If you decide to bring home a chalkboard with organizational features like compartments, magnets, or clips, you’ll essentially kill two birds with one stone.

Dual-feature chalkboards like these are great for:

  • Keeping track of business cards
  • Keeping written notes and lists in one place
  • Organizing recently-received mail
  • Storing coupons
  • Displaying photos or important letters
  • Showing off your kiddo’s latest artistic masterpiece

And, honestly, the list goes on. These types of chalkboards are commonly displayed in what people are now calling “control centers.” These control centers serve as the hub for all your family’s “operations” and are often found in kitchens or mudrooms.

Chalkboards are Helpful

Pictured: Mom’s Kitchen Wooden Hanging Chalkboard

Chalk Cutting Board

While we’ve pretty much already established that chalkboards in the home are helpful, they’re not only useful for keeping track of lists or keeping things organized. Chalkboards are great for assisting you while you’re in the midst of a task, too!

Some other uses for chalkboards include:

  • Keeping a recipe on display while cooking
  • Using them as a chore tracker for your kids
  • Helping children practice handwriting
  • Tracking medicine doses
  • Tracking baby’s feeding schedule
  • Tracking fitness and weightloss goals

...and so, so much more. The possibilities really are endless.

Chalkboards are Adorable

Pictured: Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Storage Bins

Chalk Crate Storage

We would be terribly remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most obvious pluses of having a chalkboard around the house – they’re cute! Chalkboards not only come in a variety of styles for a variety of tastes, they also come in a variety of forms.

You can find chalkboards on baskets, on hanging displays, or on cabinets. While these do serve a practical purpose, they also add a flair of style and extra interest to your interiors. A simple chalkboard panel on the front of a storage basket, for instance, can instantly transform it from typical to fun! Add your own unique messages and labeling for an extra dose of personality in any room.

Looking for Farmhouse Chalkboards?

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