4 Farmhouse Signs Your Home Needs this Season

4 Farmhouse Signs Your Home Needs this Season

How do you like to update your farmhouse decor for spring?

For some, gearing up for warmer weather and pretty-petaled flowers is as simple as a little spring cleaning and, maybe, some reorganization. For others (ahem, us), a new season calls for some new rustic spring decor for our homes, and even our office spaces.

Some simple ways to infuse some cheery springtime charm into your home include:

  • Adding dreamy pastels (this season, vibrant “ice cream” pastels are in high demand)
  • Placing tufts of succulents, baby’s breath, or magnolia leaves in decorative containers
  • Keeping fresh flowers in bright vases each week
  • Selecting one common theme (like bunnies) to implement subtly throughout your home

With that being said, some of us are still recovering from the decorative fiasco of the holidays. If you happen to be a little less obsessed with the idea of a decor overhaul but would still like to lighten up your home in celebration of a fresh, new season, updating a gallery wall or kitchen coffee bar with some elegant wall decor is perhaps one of the quickest (and easiest!) ways to do an update.

Sound like a good idea to you? Here are four of our favorite new spring farmhouse signs we know you’ll just love:

“Bless This Nest” Rustic Wood Sign

For anyone who fancies a bright white farmhouse, this rustic wood sign would go along perfectly with your decor. Whitewashed wood and vintage-styled hinges make this piece reminiscent of a country house window. The pretty script typeface keeps the sign looking sweet and feminine, making it perfect for a bedroom, entryway, or even a powder room.

Rustic Wooden Ocean Wave Wall Art

Midwest dwellers aren’t the only ones who love the rustic look! Nautical, bungalow, and beach house aficionados commonly turn to the rustic look as their decorative preference. Beachy homes are inspired by worn driftwood, sunbleached decks, and of course the ocean. For spaces like these, rustic wood wall art like this would be the perfect springtime update.

Abstract Painting Print on Canvas

We sometimes forget that not everyone knows pale blues and greens are a big spring staple this year. So, if you didn’t know, now you do! Certainly the usually purples, pinks, and floral prints are always en vogue during this time of year, but if you’d prefer to keep your home on the trendier side of things, incorporating a beautiful abstract painting of azul and jade on one of your walls is the perfect alternative, especially if you’re trying to add a little color to an otherwise neutral room.

Flower Still Life Painting

Now, you know we can’t forget about our followers who love a traditional rustic style! Trends may come and go, but certain staples will always serve to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of the country life. If this sounds like you, it’s likely you may not feel too privvy on adding abstracts or ocean scenery to your home. Fear not: your sweet and steady tastes will always be in style! This adorable rustic still life painting with its rugged wood and metal framing and sturdy build will look amazing in your kitchen, bedroom, or gallery wall.

Looking for spring farmhouse decor?

We’re proud to offer a fresh new spring collection of rustic farmhouse decor designed just for you. Whether you’ve got farmhouse fever or simply like decor with a rustic touch, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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