4 Farmhouse Bathroom Storage Cabinets You’ll Love

4 Farmhouse Bathroom Storage Cabinets You'll Love

When it comes to decorating your farmhouse home, it seems as though there are endless options for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. But what about the bathroom?

Unfortunately, it’s common for farmhouse decor lovers to have trouble turning their bathrooms and powder rooms into truly rustic spaces. Often, bathrooms are smaller, more compact spaces, so no matter what your interior style is, you likely have less room to allow your style preferences to really make an impact.

When decorating your bathroom, the big thing to remember is that less is more. You’ve really got to “get in and get out” and be careful not to overdo anything. But you may be wondering, “If less is more, how do I effectively transform the space?”

Farmhouse Storage Cabinets Make All the Difference

Wall Shelf with Metal Door and Hooks

If less is more, the larger items that are bathroom essentials must absolutely be achieving the look you desire. So, if farmhouse is your style of choice, the cabinetry you employ in the space needs to be rustic, weathered, and on-point. Here are 4 great options.

Rustic Storage Cabinet with Hooks

This gorgeous rustic storage cabinet is an ideal piece for even the smallest of bathrooms. Perfect for hanging right above the toilet, you can find so many practical uses for an item like this. You can store:

  • Towelettes
  • Toiletries
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicine and first aid kits
  • Cleaning supplies and air fresheners

Plus, this piece features three hanging hooks, which can be used to hang towels or anything else you’d like to set aside!

Whitewashed Rustic Hanging Storage Cabinet

Wall Storage with Wooden Doors

If you’ve got a smaller bathroom or powder room to work with, you may have only a small piece of wall with which to add accessories. This rustic, whitewashed storage cabinet is perfect for any smaller bathroom for two reasons.

  1. It’s thin. This cabinet is thinner and a bit taller so, of course, it takes up less space.
  2. It hangs. This is yet another piece that would look great over a toilet or small accent table. Any time you can add some storage that doesn’t take up floor space, it’s a win!

This is one of our favorite storage pieces of storage furniture. It’s just the right amount of rustic and chic, making it great for farmhouse and shabby chic homes. Plus, it’s just downright practical.

Rustic Farmhouse Storage Cabinet

Rustic Wood Cabinet with Cage Doors

If you’ve got a bit more wiggle room with which to work, this traditional and rustic storage cabinet is perfect for any farmhouse, cottage, or earth-inspired bathroom. Ever-so-slightly whitewashed, this cabinet features doors with metal caging, which adds more room for you to place some decorative pieces in the space (which means you have more opportunity to inject your style).

Some suggestions:

  • Use one side (or one shelf level) to store practical items, such as folded towels or toiletries. Since the cabinet doors are see-through, use decorative glass apothecary jars to keep Q-Tips, cotton balls, or any other toiletries neatly organized. Make sure any towelettes or hand towels are matching and neatly-folded.
  •  On the other side (or shelf level), add a few purely-decorative elements. These could be anything from battery-operated faux candles, faux succulents, or other trinkets.

Sliding Barn Door Storage Shelf and Hooks

Metal Wall Shelf with Sliding Wood Barn Door and Sliding Hooks

If your farmhouse decor is decidedly barn-inspired, this rustic hanging cabinet with a sliding barn door is just the piece for you! Smaller, more compact, and featuring multiple hanging hooks, this cabinet is just as practical as it is beautiful.

Like other hanging bathroom cabinets, this item can be used for an array of practical purposes, but we can’t get over the adorable sliding barn door. Plus, its metal hardware also makes it a great addition to any industrial-themed interior as well.

Looking for rustic bathroom storage ideas?

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