3 Reasons Whitewashed Wood is a Farmhouse Essential

3 Reasons Whitewashed Wood is a Farmhouse Essential

So, you’re a self-proclaimed farmhouse aficionado and you’ve gone through painstaking measures to ensure your home is a country-inspired home even Joanna Gaines would die for.

You’ve got the shiplap walls, the dark hardwood floors, and the neutral color palette. You’ve also got the burlap, the magnolia leaf wreaths, and the vintage-inspired signage. Your furniture is also on point so, of course, you’ve got pieces that are antique, industrial, and whitewashed – right?

You mean, you don’t have any whitewashed furniture in your farmhouse home? Well, what are you waiting for? If you need any extra convincing that whitewashed wood is a farmhouse essential, here are our top three reasons.

1. It’s neutral.

Hanging Whitewash Coat Rack Self

Rustic Whitewashed Wood Coat Rack with Shelf

Unless you were born yesterday, you know that the vast majority of farmhouse interiors are neutral. It’s just the name of the game. While some may choose to keep their interiors strictly on the black-and-white palette, others may choose to use one or two slight pops of color. Regardless, for the most part, almost all farmhouses are known for their crisp, clean, neutral interiors.

So, it goes without saying that furnishings for these types of homes should also be neutral. Whitewashed wood helps support the overall aesthetic of a neutral interior. It’s understated, simple, and charming – just like the rest of your home.

2. It looks more natural.

Hanging Whitewash 2 Pocket Wall

2 Pocket Rustic Metal Wired Wall Basket & Wall Organizer

Another huge hallmark of the farmhouse style? Natural elements. Farmhouse decorators love to incorporate natural elements in all sorts of ways. Some add furnishings like nature-inspired art, wreaths, floral arrangements, and the like. Others choose to take advantage of the furniture in their home to pull of the natural aesthetic.

So, of course, if you’re looking for furnishings to help boost the natural feel of your home, you’re definitely going to want to incorporate some whitewashed wood pieces. These could be as dramatic as a china cabinet or wardrobe or as simple as a wall organizer, like the one pictured above.

3. It looks antique.

Whitewash Wall Mirror Wood and Metal

Whitewashed Floral Farmhouse Mirror

One of the best things about whitewashed wood (especially for farmhouse decor lovers) is, no matter how new or old it is, it always has an antiqued appearance to it. While some pieces are mostly white with just a bit of weathered appearance, others are so weathered the white paint is only slightly visible.

Just how weathered you prefer your whitewashed wood is up to you. For a more farmhouse chic look, you’ll want only slightly worn paint. On the other hand, a vintage farmhouse interior will likely have very weathered pieces featured throughout. The whitewashed floral mirror pictured above is a unique item, as it strikes a perfect balance between the two.

4. It’s beautiful!

Hanging Whitewash 5 Shelf on Wall

Barnwood Metal Frame Wall Shelves

As if you needed any other reason to find the perfect whitewashed wood decor for your farmhouse, the final reason is our favorite reason – it’s beautiful! All logistics aside, whether your home is decorated with a true farmhouse feel or it’s more on the contemporary side (or anywhere in between) whitewashed wood is just pretty to look at. And that’s just as important a reason as any. Don’t you think?

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