3 Ways to Create an Accent Wall (Without Using Paint!)

3 Ways to Create an Accent Wall (Without Using Paint!)

The accent wall has been an interior design staple for decades. Not only are they a fun way to add interest and dimension to a room without overwhelming the space, they also offer an opportunity for home decorators to show off a bit more of their personal style.

But when you think “accent wall,” what comes to mind? Bold colors? Strong patterns? Vibrant wallpaper? Allow us to offer a different option.

Call us crazy, but we happen to think accent walls can become accent walls without paint or wallpaper at all. On the contrary, the strategic placement of home decor can easily be utilized to create the accent wall of your neutral-palette-loving dreams. How? We’re glad you asked.

1. Use unique shelving

farmhouse decor

Shelving is a decorative element as diverse as framed art – the styles and possibilities are truly endless. With that said, if you use it just right, you’ll be able to create a spectacular effect.

For example, you could take several simple, streamlined shelves and stack them equal distance along a wall or above a console table to add texture and dimension. Decorating the shelves with interesting home accessories will help to highlight the wall even further.

To really bring shelving to the next level visually, the addition of ornate corbels will attract the eye and give the wall intense character. Corbels can also be used to support planters or other lone items. They really add something special wherever they’re placed.

2. Choose a fun theme

wine cabinet farmhouse decor

Instead of just painting your wall a bright color and calling it a day, how about designing a wall with a particular theme in mind?

For instance, wine lovers can create a vino-themed wall in a kitchen or dining room for an interesting spin on an accent wall. Instead of painting the wall a burgundy color and throwing some vineyard-themed decals on it, you can take a piece of furniture like the wine cabinet pictured above and place it front-and-center against the wall. Add more flourish to the wall by opting for well-selected wine-themed art and incorporate some hanging shelves as well.

modern farmhouse decor cabinetry

A themed accent wall could also be created by using a wall area for a coffee bar. Hang a piece like this farmhouse storage cabinet above a bar cart or console table. Display your favorite coffee mugs in the cabinet and then hang shelves to show off your favorite coffee-themed art and accessories.

3. Create a gallery wall

Modern farmhouse decor wall accents

Gallery walls are perhaps our favorite way to help a bare wall get some oomph. The best thing about gallery walls is that they’re all completely unique and each are absolutely an expression of their creator’s style and personality.

Select a favorite piece of wall art, an accent mirror, or a farmhouse clock to act as the focal point for the wall, and then build your gallery wall from there. An airy piece like the mountain scene print above can easily take center-stage on a wall. Gallery walls can be based on one common theme, color scheme, or can be as eclectic as you wish. It’s all about what you love!

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