3 Essentials for Your Man Cave

3 Essentials for Your Man Cave

Have you jumped onto the man cave trend yet? Whether you’re a man or not, you can certainly enjoy the comfort and seclusion a great man cave can offer!

Common man cave decor usually involves leather, darker natural tones (think charcoal and deep brown), slate metals, sports and bar accessories and signage, and gaming gadgets. Although a man cave should definitely feel like a curated collection of a person’s personal interests, some consideration should be given to its decor so that the room doesn’t feel disorganized or cluttered.

With that said, if you’re gearing up to revamp and game room or man cave in your home, there are a few essentials you’ll need in order to make it the perfect room for watching a big game, playing cards with your friends, or simply sinking into the couch for a quiet movie night while the kiddos snooze in their beds.


As we mentioned above, you’ll need ample shelving in your man cave in order to keep your favorite memorabilia organized and on display. You can opt to install several floating wall shelves or you could instead choose to select a bookcase or freestanding shelves. They key is not only ensuring you have the shelving on which to place your decorative items, it’s also how you place those items along those shelves that will make the difference.

In other words, try not to squeeze too many pieces of memorabilia on one shelf. You’ll also want to be sure items are placed on your shelves in such a way that they appear balanced and cohesive.

LED Lighting

A very common feature of man caves is neon, LED lighting, and marquee lighting. You’ll frequently see wall signs flashing messages such as “Open 24/7” or “Happy Hour” hanging in man caves in order to duplicate the look and feel of sports bars and garages.

Marquee lighting is also frequently used in man caves, especially those designated as more of a theatre room than a sports or game room. Placing a simple marquee letter on a shelf in your man cave can really help to give it more of a movie theatre aesthetic. Automotive enthusiasts will also commonly hang brightly-lit signs showing off their love for a particular car company. It all boils down to personalizing the man cave to fall in line with your personal interests!

Bar Memorabilia

Another frequent man cave feature is, of course, the wet bar area! While not every man cave needs to have a wet bar, people often choose to include one to help with entertaining for sports watch parties, game nights, and other group gatherings.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to create an attractive wet bar area. Hang a piece of bar memorabilia wall decor above the sink area. This could be an LED sign or even a hanging bottle opener. If you don’t have a lot of space for a wet bar but would still like to keep your favorite refreshments stocked in your man cave, simply place a stocked bar cart alongside a wall in the room! (Hint: bar carts make for excellent decorative elements, too! Read about how you can use one in your kitchen here.)

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