Year End Clearance Sale! 40-60% Off Selected Items While Supplies Last!

With the New Year just around the corner and big changes underway for American Art Decor, we need to make room on our shelves for exciting new products. We can’t wait for you to see some of the exciting new pieces in store for 2019, but until then, we are having our first year-end clearance sales event!

Beginning today, and while supplies last, we’re taking 40-60% off almost our entire inventory of products. That’s right! 40-60% OFF a HUGE selection of our home decor items. Everything from tabletop decor accents, lighting, mirrors,  wall art and decor, clocks and storage accessories. We’ve got something that will surely tickle your fancy as well as dress up your home for the New Year, because, new year, new you…am I right?

LED Marquee Letters

Part of our big clearance includes significant discounts on our collection of LED initial letters. One of our more popular items, these charming home decor accents make lovely additions throughout the home. Whether you fancy the simplicity and ruggedness of the all-metal letters, or prefer the combination and look of the wood and metal, they’re all on our clearance list! Plus, these dimensional decor pieces all come outfitted with built-in LED lights, adding a touch of warmth and decorative lighting to any room.

The great thing about these catchy accent pieces is their notoriety in individualizing and claiming a space within your home for your own. Whether it’s for that teenager that is full of angst and rebellion or the expected baby and accompanying baby room, these letters give you a chance for you and your family to truly personalize a space.

Another cool feature about these letters is their ability to either hang on the wall or simply serve as standalone decor objects. As a standalone accent, they effortlessly work so well within a bedroom on top of bookshelves, nightstands, dressers and desks; elevating a room from ordinary and boring to a stylish and chic living space. They’re also a wonderful way to add a touch of warmth to a desk, amongst books, papers, trinkets and other daily belongings.

There are endless places to find a home for these larger than life letters that are kitschy and cute. They look great in kitchens on top of a China hutch, or resting on the mantle of a fireplace. Or, if you feel like getting fancy, try hanging one of these beauties among a salon style wall, full of other pieces of art, prints and photographs. It’ll give your wall a sculptural and dimensional aspect to it, as well as serve as a decorative lighting piece.

Tabletop Decor

Another way to spruce up your space for the upcoming year is with simple yet subtle tabletop decor accents. Tabletop decor brings about a sense of effort, thought and style when designing a room or living space. It’s such a chic way to add character to a room without lifting a finger.

Head on over to our clearance section and take a gander at our selection of tabletop decor pieces. We have a wide variety of wood, metal, and wood & metal tabletop orbs. These stylish spheres are lightweight and ubiquitous; they work for a variety of decor styles and can be placed atop just about any surface.

In your living room they work fantastically on top of coffee tables or end tables. They mix swimmingly well with your magazines and books and nestle in perfectly within bookshelves as well. As a set, they can either be clustered or lined up from small to large or vice-versa; creating a visually compelling design and decor accent for your home.

Or why not use one of these attractive numbers in your office? On a desktop they satisfy both fashion and functional needs. These accent pieces are not only catchy and attractive to look at but they can also serve as stylish paperweights for important documents, notepads and other loose paperwork. They offer an elegant way to tidy up and organize your workspace.

Wall Art & Decor

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or want to give a loved one a belated holiday gift, make sure to peruse our collection of wall art and decor because we have a few hidden gems in there. A personal favorite of mine are these two navy blue and white abstract prints on wood!

A captivating color scheme mixed with compelling patterns combine in these framed pieces of art that, as standalone pieces are beautiful, bold and brilliant; but together, create a stunning set for your walls. Just envision this set above your sofa; creating a commanding and visually interesting display for your living room that truly elevates it from mundane to magnificent.

If abstract art isn’t your cup of tea, not to worry, we have quite an assortment of wall decor for a variety of decor styles and tastes. From traditional farmhouse decor prints, positive and inspirational signage, and unique, one of a kind wood and metal farmhouse-specific wall decor, our clearance section is bursting at the seams with savings and steals.

Lighting & Lamps


Let there be light….and cell phone battery charging capabilities!

If you’re anything like me, you love efficiency. And who doesn’t love a two-fer (two for one)? It’s a win-win…just like our collection of sleek table lamps that come outfitted with built-in USB charging ports.

Not only are they stylish and come in an assortment of finishes, these table lamps provide dual function in a fast-paced and demanding culture like ours. With the need to always be online, connected and networking, our devices need their juice more than ever.

Perfectly suitable in your living room, bedroom or office, these unique table lamps are a breath of fresh air with their clean, minimalism design sense and multi-faceted functionality. With the ability to mix well with a variety of decor styles, be it farmhouse, modern, traditional, or contemporary, these quaint little numbers are a great way to add a touch of light with a dash of modernity and functionality.

There simple, smart and stylish so head on over to our clearance section and find the right lamp for your decor set-up.

Storage & Organization


It’s that time. You know what time I’m talking about. That time of year when we start making New Year’s resolutions. For many, this time is filled with resolutions to quit drinking, stop smoking, diet, exercise more and join a gym. It’s also a time when we start putting away the Christmas decorations and attempt to bring a bit of order to our lives after what inevitably turns out to be a hectic holiday season.

It can all be overwhelming, we know. But don’t let that stop you from starting the New Year off by being the best version of yourself and making your home a direct reflection of that. With our huge inventory clearance we have a wide array of storage and organizational products that will help make this process so much easier.

I know one thing just about every household could always use more of is shelving. Shelving is such a simple way to solve storage woes. Plus, you really feel like an adult when you have shelves mounted on your wall. It looks so professional and permanent; like you plan on staying and building a home with your space.

A personal favorite of mine is our patchwork collection of floating shelves. These shelves are not only attractive with their mixed metal and variation of wood stains, but they also come in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the right sized shelf for your home. Or get all three and create an entire shelving center within your home.

Perfect for a cluttered bedroom, living room, hallway or bathroom, these floating shelves are stylish, chic and super functional. Whether you want to adorn them with knickknacks, houseplants, books or bathroom toiletries, your options are limitless with these pieces. Oh, and did I mention that they all come outfitted with hanging hooks? Keep the tidy train moving with extra hooks for hanging backpacks, scarves, umbrellas, keys and so much more. These shelves are a beautiful way to tackle the burdensome task of cleaning up clutter.

If you’re looking for storage solutions that go beyond shelving, make sure to browse our entire clearance section. We have everything from magazine racks, wall pockets, coat/key racks, storage crates and so much more on sale for a very limited time. So don’t start the New Year off in a chaotic mess, let us help you clean up clutter and manage your mess with storage solutions that make sense.

*All sales are final. Hurry while supplies last!   Check out our Clearance Inventory here.

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