10 Outdoor 4th of July Decorations You Can Make Yourself or Buy under $50

10 Outdoor 4th of July Decorations You Can Make Yourself or Buy under $50

The 4th of July is just around the corner.

Isn't it exciting?! (via GIPHY)

As we prepare to celebrate the founding of our great nation, we thought we'd show you a few patriotic decorations to spice up your yard decor this fourth of July holiday.

When it comes to 4th of July outdoor decorations, the more patriotic the better! Patriotic decor really gets down to the spirit of the holiday, and there's no better place for it than on your porch, front door, back yard, front yard or open garage. 

While decorating your home and outside area can be a fun and interesting project for many, there are still those of us that still need a spark of creativity. 

That's why this week we'll be counting down our favorite fourth of July decorations that you can buy or DIY under $50. Stay tuned for our best budget-friendly patriotic home decor ideas.

Domed metal signs for vintage 4th of July fun

    Is there anything more American than Route 66? As synonymous with the United States of America as apple pie and baseball, this Route 66 Dome Metal Sign makes a great addition to your home as part of your 4th of July decorations. Not only is it iconic, but a vintage patriotic decor piece such as this adds a healthy dose of nostalgia and pride to any fourth of July gathering.

    Give new life to some old stuff

    Recycling is all the rage now, why not try turning that donation and trash pile into something new and beautiful? After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure. 

    This quick project can easily last you all season, making these DIY 4th of July decorations versatile and super cost effective. To make the most of this DIY idea, you'll want to find items with interesting shapes or textures that you can either paint, stain, or sculpt over to give it a "new" look.

    If you're after a more farmhouse 4th of July decor theme, we suggest leaving whatever items you find in their original condition or adding a little bit of strategic weathering to give it a vintage look. 

    A vinyl floor mat to keep your floors clean

    Looking for 4th of July party decorations that go beyond pinwheels and twinkle lights? Why not try out a vinyl floor mat!

    Not only do these decorative mats look great, but they're also fantastic at keeping your floors clean. This July 4th, you'll spend less time cleaning up your guests' messes and more time enjoying the festivities.

    Make a floral arrangement in a basket

    4th of July House Decorations don't have to be as on-the-nose as slapping a flag on every visible surface. With a little creativity and just the slightest green thumb, you can tackle this easy yet impressive DIY without the need of your local garden expert. 

    Don't forget a few vintage pin up girls

    An absolute 4th of July home decor must-have, this Pinup Girl Vintage Metal Sign adds a little something to both your indoor AND outdoor decor. 

    Pinup girls entered the American lexicon in the 1940s when G.I.s took pictures and drawings of scantily-clad models with them to the front lines. Since then pinups have come to symbolize the all-American girl and their timeless style.

    Sew together red, white & blue bandanas for a patchwork tablecloth

    This DIY July 4th decoration is as easy to make as it is cheap. All you need to create your very own one-of-a-kind is a few old-school bandanas (enough to cover the length and width of your table), some thread, and a sewing machine, serger, or needle.

    Once you've collected your materials, it's relatively simple to sew each scarf together in alternating colors until you have a large piece of fabric large enough to cover your entire table. Once the hard part's over, you can either finish off the raw edge with bias tape, hem equally on all sides, or leave as is for a more rustic look.

    Display this embossed metal signs with pride

    Your patriotic outdoor decor should be bold and eye-catching to match the fireworks that'll be going off all night. This indoor and outdoor 4th of July home decor piece is a fantastic show of the American spirit. It's considerable size and bold colors make this metal sign a true statement piece, not to be outdone by any other decor around!

    Get creative with glass jars

    Looking for easy and cheap 4th of July decorating ideas for outside your home?

    Mason jar DIYs are a fun and easy way to decorate for any occasion, especially the fourth of July! 

    Get the kids in on the fun and make an activity out of painting, drawing on, or gluing ribbon to empty mason jars and filling them with tea lights, fairy lights, or little bouquets. Place these functional decor items on the buffet or food table, alongside walkways, on your porch, or hang them from shepherd hooks for a whimsical take on July 4th decorations.

    Make a statement with this unique metal piece

    Sometimes, you want to declare your pride for your country in the clearest and most visual way possible. 

    That's where 4th of July house decorations like this embossed metal sign come in. With its striking red, white, and blue color palette and its rustic cowboy-esque imagery, this sign is a must have for your fourth of July cookout!

    Repurpose some burlap into a banner 

    Our last 4th of July decor idea is fairly simple and adds a fun festive touch to any backyard, garden, patio, dining room, or foyer.

     All you need to create your very own festive fourth of July banner is some paint, scissors, string, glue or tape, and a few pieces of burlap. Cut your burlap into triangle strips, carefully paint either stripes or stars, and arrange onto your string before gluing or taping in place. 


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    Or maybe you're looking for something more eye-catching? As always, there's a blog for that!

    We hope these 4th of July decoration ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing and ready for the coming holiday. 

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